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Make your event memorable. We would be delighted to perform at your event. We perform at a variety of balls and festivals as well as private, corporate, and community events, mostly in the San Francisco Bay area. Our season extends from October to June, and during the summer by prior arrangement. Performance times can range from minutes to an hour, and can exhibit several eras or focus on a particular time period, depending on the occasion. For more information on performance scheduling and fees, please e-mail our directors at

dl-directors [at] danselibre.org

or mail us at:

Academy of Danse Libre
PO Box 1166
Mountain View, CA 94042-1166

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Like to dance? If you have a passion for dance, costuming, or period history — or all three! — come join us! We hold auditions every fall. See our auditions page for details.


If you would like to support Danse Libre through a tax-deductible contribution, you can do so through Dancer's Group.