"Petticoats and Kilts" / "Petticoats and Tailcoats"

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Academy of Danse Libre

  with Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers: Friday 7:30pm April 14 2017

  with Knotts Dance Company: Saturday 2 pm April 15 2017

Our show comes only once in 3 years. Buy tickets now before it sells out!

Academy of Danse Libre   presents

Petticoats and Kilts / Petticoats and Tailcoats

A historic dance extravaganza showcasing
French, Central European and Scottish dances
from the Victorian era through the early 20th century

featuring Danse Libre and the Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers (Friday)
featuring Danse Libre and the Knotts Dance Company (Saturday)

Danse Libre Director: Kimber Rudo
Dusmuir Director: Ron Wallace

Friday April 14 "Petticoats and Kilts"
    Danse Libre and Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers
    Doors open at 7:00pm; show starts at 7:30pm.

Saturday April 15 "Petticoats and Tailcoats"
Danse Libre and Knotts Dance Company
Doors open at 1:30pm; show starts at 2:00pm.

Cubberley Theatre, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto   map

Tickets available in advance from members of Danse Libre in person, and online.
General Admission $20 / $25 at the door.   12 & under or fulltime student: $15 / $20 at door.

You can also make a tax-deductible contribution to Danse Libre through Dancer's Group.

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